3d4 is a specialised business that was established to service the manufacturing industry in design automation. We design using SolidWorks 3d CAD software and automate with DriveWorks software. Together, they are powerful tools to significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. Your business will then have more time to innovate while also lowering human error inputs.


To provide a quality service we are trained, certified and come with plenty of broad experience.  We are CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professionals) and CDWP (Certified DriveWorks Professionals) and also a Certified DriveWorks Service Partner.  Pair this with an engineering degree, over 10 years of CAD design and 6 years of DriveWorks Implementations, you can be sure there is a level of trust and confidence that your requirements are met and managed accordingly.


An opportunity arose during the GFC to start a business that was tailored to 3d for (3d4) the CAD industry to help manufacturers survive by being more efficient with design methods and ultimately help them bridge the gap between design and automation.  We understand that to remain competitive in the world market and not just get the chance to compete, but to thrive in the much larger world of manufacturing these days, one must take advantage of new methods of data generation.  3d4 will add value to your business by using current software and latest technologies to improve your efficiency and productiveness for a one-off requirement or an ongoing support role.

3d4 will discuss your level of expectation and map out a plan to implement your automation.  This saves you time in deploying your DriveWorks project while minimising the stress in creating it.  Effective forward planning now with your design automation can mean big benefits to your manufacturing throughput.